Ibrandville University is an executive super-rich effective & intellectual masterclass lectures on leadership, corporate leadership, personal development and more. Curated for visionary, innovative & transformational Leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses, companies and organisations . To educate, motivate ,inspire and empower them to become effective ,efficient, outstanding & innovative that would create an impact & lead better in their specific industries and take their power team to the next level.

Ibrandville University has breathed life into the concept of V-learning, with our leadership editing team and world class professional educators, ensuring each lecture is a jackpot of information, packaged to you in an engaging manner. Providing an experience, that is beyond the boardroom organisational training and in-house corporate training. With special focus on deepening the understanding of leadership skills in the corporate environment, students are able to truly learn and assimilate all concepts. Explore through our vast catalogue of over 10+ video lectures, to learn a huge range of topics.

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Advanced Executive Leadership Suite
Advanced Executive Leadership Suite.

This course will teach you how to grow as a leader. You’ll learn what it takes to inspire, motivate, and develop the people entrusted to you. We’ll equip you with valuable skills, tips, and insights that will help you influence others positively.

Advanced Executive Personal Development Course.

This course will help you grow in productivity and discipline. We’ll introduce habits, tips, and insights that will help you reach a new level of self-mastery and efficiency. Leverage our training modules on productivity, time management, goal setting and so much more!

Executive Management Course.

Executive Management Skills Course.

This course will teach you how to grow as a manager. You’ll learn what it takes to keep your workplace running and functioning like a well-oiled machine. You’ll learn new skills, tips, and insights that will help you deal with people.